The New SS Storm Troopers: Synagogue of Satan Seeks to Crush All Opposition

Video Transcript:

Question: How many thousands of free speech channels will YouTube delete this month? Are you ready for it? Stay tuned. We’re talking about it on today’s edition of True News.

This is True News. I’m Doc Burkhart. Welcome to the God-cast for Wednesday, June 5, 2019. I’m Kerry Kinsey and here today is uncensored news headlines. A Russian fighter jet unsafely intercepted a US navy surveillance plane over the Mediterranean Sea. A Russian su-35 like this one intercepted a navy p-8a Poseidon three times in less than three hours. While the 1st and 3rd interactions were in line with international rules, the second one was called out by the Sixth Fleet. Here’s the official statement from the 6th Fleet and says: “While, the Russian aircraft was operating in international airspace, this interaction was irresponsible. We expect them to behave within international standards set to ensure safety and to prevent incidents. Unsafe actions increase the risk of miscalculation and potential for mid-air collisions.” Well, President Trump says he’s ready to go to war with Iran, although he says he would rather not. Check out what he told Piers Morgan. He’s the host of ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Donald Trump: “So, Iran is a place that was extremely hostile when I first came into office. They were in 14 different sites between Yemen, Syria, and then, many other battle zones. They were behind terrorism in lots of different places. They were a terrorist nation, number one in the world at that time and probably, maybe are today and they were a funder of terrorism. President Obama made a deal, the Iran nuclear deal, which was a terrible deal because it was a short-term deal. Didn’t do the trick. Paid 150 billion dollars. Paid 1.8 billion in cash, if you can believe it, in cash and I was very much against that. I was very much against the deal. I terminated the deal and Iran is a much different country today.”

Piers Morgan: “Do you think you will need to tighten military action?”

Donald Trump: “There’s always a chance. Do I want to? No. I’d rather not.”

Well, the president was also asked by Mr. Morgan how he feels about the awesome responsibility of holding his hand over the nation’s nuclear button. Here’s what he had to say about that:

Piers Morgan: “…Very few people have that responsibility.”

Donald Trump: “It’s a tremendous responsibility…”

Piers Morgan: “What do you feel about it?”

Donald Trump: “I think it’s a terrible responsibility. But, it’s a responsibility I’m prepared to handle.”

Meanwhile, the US is ramping up its military capabilities quickly. The army’s Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office is working overtime to deploy hypersonic weapons and directed-energy. That’s the technical term for lasers, weapon systems for soldiers. During a media Roundtable Lieutenant General L. Neill Thurgoods said “soldiers will have long-range hypersonic weapons by 2023.” He says Stryker combat vehicles with 50 kilowatt laser weapons will be good to go in just three years.

Well, the USS Gerald R. Ford has completed the final development test of its Ship Self Defense System, the SSDS, also known as the Integrated Combat System by taking out two simulated attacking vessel simultaneously off the coast of California. Here’s the Ford right there. The artificial intelligence-powered system located, identified, and tracked the targets and then, fired Evolved Sea Sparrow and Rolling Airframe Missile X to destroy them. The USS Gerald R. Ford has now successfully passed all three simulated tests of its SSDS system.

Well, Doc, Toyota is warning it’s US dealers that Trump administration’s proposed tariffs on Mexican imports could increase auto parts costs by more than 1 billion dollars. They say it might hurt sales of its top-selling truck as well. The tariffs which could go into effect as early as Monday could gradually increase from 5% to 25%.

Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, has reportedly convened the financial stability Oversight Council. Now, this is a group of top regulators charged with preventing a future financial crisis. But, he’s doing this in secret. Now, the topic is that the past decade of corporate borrowing much of it by companies with junk level credit scores could possibly trigger an economic collapse in the event of another economic durn downturn such as the Great Recession back in 2008.

Venezuela has lost another 750 million worth of its gold reserves which were used for collateral in a gold swap with Deutsche Bank. The cash-strapped South American country defaulted on its loan, prompting the bank to take control of that goal.

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister, Mahmoud Abbas, says that president Trump’s Deal of The Century Middle East Peace Plan is merely blackmail against his government. He says the upcoming workshop in Bahrain to go over the economic terms of the agreement is born dead. He says his government wasn’t invited to the workshop but wouldn’t attend even if it had been.

Well, the PABA premier also warned that his government is teetering on the brink of collapse due to the ongoing economic standoff with Israel over the so-called “paid to slay” payments [Israel calls these payments “payments to terrorists and their families.”] coupled with the loss of direct aid from the US. Mr. Shtayyeh says the PA could cease to exist as early as next month.

Well, president Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor, Jared Kushner, has met with Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, at the US mission to the European Union in Brussels. The event was also attended by Polish president, Duda, and EU foreign minister, Federica Mogherini. Interfax Ukraine reports the president discussed security and energy issues with the American advisor.

Mexico City mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum, says that students in public schools there will no longer have to wear gender-specific uniforms. She says the move will promote a condition of equality. She claims boys can wear skirts if they want and girls can wear trousers if they want.

Well, meanwhile ahead of G*y Pride Week 23 same-s*x couples held unofficial marriage ceremonies in Tel Aviv. That’s part of a protest to demand the right to legally marry. Israel which touts itself as one of the most g*y-friendly tourist destinations in the world will hold its annual Pride Parade on June 14th.

And Doc, Democrats just don’t want to give up that mantle of the party of death. In a new interview, Washington Democratic congresswoman, Kim Schrier, says the Republicans are conflating a heartbeat with a soul. Check this out:

Kim Schrier: “I can tell you about a single heart cell, a myocardial cell in a petri dish in a lab at the University of Washington that will beat. All this is, is evidence of electrical activity which happens in a myocardial cell and so, I think what the right has managed to do is somehow conflate a heart beat with a soul of a personhood and I believe that if people understood that this is just what a myocardial cell does, that number 55 percent would probably go up to 73 percent. But, anybody who is pro-choice would understand that that is just a gimmick.”

It’s funny when you don’t have a heartbeat anymore, Kerry, you’re considered dead but if you don’t have a heart beating you’re alive! so breezy!

Scott Peterson who refused to confront parkland Florida school shooter, Nicholas Cruz is now facing up to 97 years in prison. The Broward County school resource officer at the time of the Missouri Stoneman Douglas High School shooting has been charged with seven counts of child neglect resulting in great bodily harm, three counts of culpable negligence and exposure to harm, and one count of perjury. Now, the presiding judge in his case is worried that he be kept in custody to await trial.

Legal experts are now weighing in on the decision to move former Trump 2016 campaign manager, Paul Manafort, to New York’s notorious Rikers Island as he awaits trial on state fraud charges. While he’s there, he’ll be in protective custody. That’s the official term for solitary confinement. Experts say this is a barbaric move meant to squeeze him into helping them in a criminal case against President Trump.

Well, Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas has no idea why rumors have been circulating for months that he may soon retire. Now, he discussed this puzzling rumor during a Q&A with Supreme Court Historical Society.

– “I think people just wanted me to know what I was gonna do.”
– “Okay.”
– “Since I couldn’t figure it out myself, so my wife comes downstairs one day. She said… I guess she gets these these alerts. I don’t know. I don’t get any alerts except other than that the recruiting alerts for the Nebraska teams. And then, so she says, dude, what is it I don’t know? I said what are you talking about? She said you’re gonna retire. I said wow! That’s glad to know that. I mean, you have to know every day what’s on your schedule. I have no idea where this stuff comes from. I think one of the things you have to get used to in this business, in here is that people can say things about you and for you that have nothing to do with you!”

During a similar event at Pepperdine University, Justice Thomas Joe said that he doesn’t have a lot of stress in his life. Rather, he causes it. He loves the fact that he’s a source of hysteria among liberals. Especially, those who promote the murder of unborn children.

Well, Kerry, here’s some good news: A Virginia Beach man who received that city’s life-saving award is crediting God for saving a former drug addict who has just recently accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Two months ago, Colin Dozier was driving along a bridge when he noticed Jacob Palmer leaning over the side as if contemplating su*c*de.

In fact, Doc, the 27-year-old drug and alcohol addict was thinking about k*ll*ng himself but Mr. Dozier stepped up and convinced him that his life was still worth living as there is a God who still loves him. Well, using Scripture and an engaging conversation to get close enough, Mr. Dozier, a former high school wrestling champion, pulled Mr. Palmer who was high on c*c*ine, m*th*mph*t*mine and h*ro*n at the time away from the ledge. Well, after the incident he organized a team of 110 men from his church to pray for the man’s healing and for his salvation. Those prayers worked. Mr. Palmer just recently became baptized and is living a completely clean and sober life. Mr. Dozier says I just called. That’s the only explanation I can even explain. God called me to that bridge. His pastor, Randy Singer, says I think the whole story points to the fact that when the spirits tug one another, the Spirit of God talks to us and we obey, supernatural things begin to happen. That Colin as a former state wrestling champ that just happened to be driving that night they’re… Don’t see that as a coincidence. We see that as the God of all the universe right at work. Love that story, Doc. It’s a great story. It really was. What we love to hear from our viewers and listeners. We like when you share your prayer requests. Visit and use the TruNews app on your smartphone to submit your need for prayer. We pray over each of the requests sent to us on a regular basis. And, Doc, look at this one right here. Sometimes, we get cards in the mail that feature a prayer request. Isn’t that a beautiful Greeting card? Yeah. It’s got a nice cover on it there and so, and we get cards like this all the time. We really really appreciate it. Encourages us and we appreciate the messages inside. We also appreciate those pray requests as well. So, we really really appreciate that. Yeah. And, let’s read what Deborah had to say in that card to us: “Dear Rick and the crew, special thanks for all your courage. You speak the truth in this world of smoke and mirrors.” She said: “May Adonai sent a legion of angels down to your God-cast and provide a hedge of protection for all of you and your families. Please pray for my two daughters, their husbands, my six grandbabies my great-grandson. I fear for their salvation. With love and blessings, Deborah.”

Well, thank you for the card again, Deborah and that beautiful heartfelt prayer request that you just mentioned there. We’re praying for you and your extended family. Acts 16:31 says: “And brought them out and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” Of course, we’re talking about the jailer and Paul and Silas said: “Believe on the Lord, Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.” I stand on that promise, Deborah. I stood on that for years for my family. Well, Kerry thanks for that. And here’s another prayer request as well: “Dear Rick, I’m needing $15,000 for dental work and dentures. I’m praying for miracle teeth which I know I will get one day. I’m praying for the Lord’s hand on this procedure over the next few months. And that I get the miracle money or the best funding available for my circumstances. As always, I keep my TruNews family in my prayers for good health. Funding ahead of the need and increased viewers and listeners and their salvation. I also pray for a special anointing on Rick’s writing. Thank you all so much! You are amazing! Your friend, Jan.”

Jan, thank you for your prayer request. The provisions of God for its people are a common theme throughout scripture. From land, food, and shelter to a righteous path of salvation. The Great God provides for those who follow his Commandments. Philippians 4:19 says: “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

Well, coming up on our panel discussion today I’ll be joined by TruNews founder and host, Rick Wiles, and of course, TruNews correspondent, Edward Szall and we’re going to be talking about the tyranny on YouTube that’s taking place as they take down hundreds, maybe even thousands of channels and videos. That’s happening today and it impacted your own TruNews and we’re gonna be talking about next on our panel discussion. Looking forward to that, Doc. But, first let’s take a break for a word from our sponsor, the Holy Bible. Here’s max McClain from with a reading from the Word of God from Colossians chapter 1.

“This is Max McLean. Well, you find one of the most eloquent descriptions of Jesus in scripture. Listen to the Bible from Colossians 1: God has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins. He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. For by him all things were created, all things were created by him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy. From Colossians 1. Listen to the Bible. It’s great for the Soul.”

Well, you’re watching TruNews. I’m Rick Wiles. The YouTube thought police are marching today like Nazi SS stormtroopers to eradicate all free speech. The tech giant announced today that he will soon shut down thousands of channels of media content. I’m grateful that TruNews does not depend on YouTube. Our home has always been In fact, TruNews started 6 years before the launch of YouTube and we will last long after YouTube disappears into the trash bin of history. Our confidence and trust are in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and we fear no man. Few American Christians yet comprehend it but they are being pushed into digital ghettos. The next phase after the digital ghettos will be communication catacombs. It’s coming much faster than any of us want to believe. While I can still say it publicly, I will tell you now who is persecuting the true church. It is the synagogue of Satan. If you spiritually understand it and resist the tyranny, it means you are a member of the last days Christian Church in Philadelphia or the church in Smyrna. Before 2019 is over, TruNews and Flowing Streams Church will do some radical shape-shifting to survive in the new age of censorship and persecution. We will become a virtual underground church by the end of this year. You must be in deep denial to not see and understand what is happening in the USA. A demonic madness now rules the country. A stark example is California Governor, Gavin Newsom, begging pregnant women to come to his state, California, to murder their unborn babies. Only a demon-possessed reprobate would say such things. For years, I have talked to millions of people. Many members of our audience are not born-again Christians and others are just playing games with God. The time is coming and I think it will be this year. We will have to go underground and only speak to solid Christians who hunger to be fed the word of God and the flesh and the body the blood of Jesus Christ. News and information will not sustain you. The difficult days ahead. You will need the Holy Spirit, the word of God and the blood and flesh of Jesus Christ to make it to the end. When God gave me the vision of flowing streams in 2007, the people in the vision referred to me as the Pastor of the Underground Church. The day is coming soon that I must step into that role. The season is coming to an end. A new season will arrive. I’ll assure you I will never stop serving God but I know the way that I serve him will change. It’s not that I desired. It’s a sensible recognition of the times that we are living in today. Amos chapter 5 verse 13 says: “Therefore, the prudent shall keep silence in that time. For, it is an evil time.” Isaiah 59 verse 14 says: “And judgment is turned away backward and justice standeth afar off. Truth is fallen in the street and equity cannot enter.” Micah 7 verse 2 says: “The good man is perished out of the earth. There is none upright among men. They all lie and wait for blood. They hunt every man his brother with a net.” Also in Micah 7 verses five, six, and seven: “Trust thee not in a friend. Put thee not confidence in a guide. Keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom. For, the son dishonours the father. The daughter rises up against her mother, daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. A man’s enemies are the people of his own house. Therefore, I will look unto the Lord. I will wait for the God of my salvation. My God will hear me.” Second Timothy 3 verses one through four: “This know also that in the last days perilous times shall come. For, men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous boasters, proud blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, fierce despisers of those that are good. Traitors, heady high-minded lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. And having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof. From such turn away.” Doc and Edward are ready to join me today in this discussion of censorship of free speech in America. But, even more than censorship of free speech it’s really directed at the Word of God and the true Church of God. It’s the Christians who refuse to bow down and submit to the tyranny of the anti-Christ system who are in the sights of the persecutors, who are coming after the church right now. So, gentlemen glad to have you here. You know, we weren’t going to talk about this today. This wasn’t on the radar screen. We had another topic we were going to talk about. But, at the last minute when I saw the stories and I saw the news stories coming out that YouTube was on a rampage today canceling thousands of channels. In fact, if we can put the New York Times headline right there. That’s today. New York Times: “YouTube to remove thousands of videos pushing extreme views.”

Now, like beauty in the eyes of the beholder, extremism is subject to an individual’s interpretation or in this case, YouTube or Google. Silicon Valley definitely has a change of definitions when it comes… Their definition of extreme is anybody who disagrees with their extreme Views. Now, they are the most extremist people on the planet because they think you can murder babies. They think it’s normal to to cut up a baby in the mother’s womb, remove the brain, cut the spinal cord of a living baby with a heartbeat, to cut the spinal cord in the mother. They think it’s normal to take a baby out of the womb that’s alive and dissect it and remove its heart, its lungs, its kidney. They think that’s normal! YouTube! Facebook! They think it’s a right! They think that’s normal. They don’t think that’s extreme. But, we’re crazy because we stand up believing that if you got a heartbeat it’s alive! So, who’s the real extremists? Who is the real extremist here? They are the real extremists. Or even that word… Do you remember even using that word before 9/11? They are radicals. They are terrorists. They are demonic. They’re also masters of of propaganda and they take control of words. They create words. Who can be against extreme things. Right? So, you know the word “h*m*fobe” never existed before. Did it? No! It was made up. All right. It was a day that “g*y” meant “happy.” Yeah. Right. So, they take words. They change the meaning. They create words and then, they create a label and then, they put that label on anybody who disagrees with their radical extreme anti-God agenda. And, this is really who they are. They’re anti-God. They hate God. They hate his word. They hate his kingdom. They’re not nice people. The people — YouTube and Facebook and Google — are not nice people. They’re evil wicked people. They’re not good. They’re not tolerant. They do all the things they’re accusing. Now, the individuals, the people, the groups being attacked and censored. They’re doing the very things they are accusing those groups of. You know, among the people that YouTube considers extremists; If you warn that vaccines can be dangerous, that there are proven cases of children who have been paralyzed, that you know that there has been brain damaged, neurological damage done to people through vaccines, you’re now an anti… What? Anti-vaxxer! You’re against science! I mean, right, science means this knowledge but they don’t care! So, you can’t question it! You can’t question anything that they say is so. If you question their fake science about climate change which they’ve changed to go back 30 years… Wasn’t it global cooling? Wasn’t that the biggest threat that was gonna hit the world in the 70s and 80s? Or in population, the population explosion we were all going to be dead by this time according to them in the 1970s (Paul Ehrlich and the Population Bomb book). We were, I mean, the planet was going to come to an end by now. They’re the crazy conspiracists. They are crazy. Alright? So, if you question their fake science, then you’re a “climate denier.” Everybody’s a denier! I mean, if you question the fake birth certificate of Barack Obama, you are a “birther.” So, they create a name. They put the label on you. You know, we’re saying Barack Obama never had a legitimate birth certificate. All of his records were sealed. That’s a fact. That doesn’t make me a conspiracy theorist; That makes me smart. But, the people that want to cover up who he was and what he was doing were the “conspiracy theorists.” Right? So, Silicon Valley is rapidly becoming the tech gods of the world. Not just the United States’ but the tech gods of the world. I mean, in Poland… Right? You have family in Poland, Doc. So, is it YouTube or Facebook? Who’s fighting, who’s censoring people in Poland? I know one of the tech companies. I think maybe it’s Facebook. It’s censoring people in Poland. So, what’s the big issue in Poland? We all know what it is. It’s a fight against abortion. Actually, keeping abortion out of the country, the fight against legalizing same-s*x marriage. All the things that they’ve accomplished in h*m*s*xualizing American Western society is what they wanted to have in any country. Poland is experiencing a Christian revival. Poland is rediscovering its Christian roots after decades of tyranny under the synagogue of Satan, Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and the Polish people are coming back to their Christian heritage and they’re declaring Poland to be a Christian nation. So, who’s upset? Facebook. They’re upset about it. All right? So, this is a spiritual war. Don’t think it’s political. This isn’t about extremism or anything else. It is about Jesus Christ. In the end, it’s about Jesus Christ. The people running these tech companies are anti-Christ. I know, not being held accountable by anybody. I mean, Facebook… they’re too big. Too big to fail this point. They’re considered platforms. They are immune. They ought to be broken up by governments. But, the governments aren’t big enough to break them up now. They’re bigger than the governments. They have a lot of… these tech corporations have more cash than countries have wealth. And so, they ought to be broken up. There ought to be a trust campaign like the Old Trust Busters of Teddy Roosevelt. You know, there ought to be an antitrust action to break up Facebook and YouTube and Google and all these companies but I don’t see it happening. I don’t see anybody having the backbone to take them on. They have no desire because they don’t see a problem with it. They see no problem with it. Because they’re not impacted by it. In this country, half of the country supports their censorship. Because, they don’t want any other view but their own which is the most un-American thing you can imagine. I just never imagined that in my lifetime I would see free speech crushed. I’ve never tried to stop somebody from expressing their views no matter how much I disagree with them. And, it’s been proven time and time and time again that if there’s a free marketplace of ideas, if there’s a free uncensored marketplace of ideas, Christian values rise up to the top, Over and over and over again. The only attempts that there’s been a suppression of free speech anywhere in the world has been the the point of contact, the point of the spear has been against Christian speech really get right down to us. That’s what’s attacked. That’s what is trying to be brought down. It’s Christian speech. Why is it that when communists take over a country, the first thing that they do is burn the Bibles? Cease churches and kill the pastors? They want the state to become God. But, why do they go after the Holy Bible? They don’t go after any other religious books, only the Holy Bible. Because, they know it will win. They KNOW it will win. And so, you’ve got to eliminate it. It’s the one thing they fear. They fear the true church. Now, the true church has been around not just 2,000 years. The true church has been around since the Garden of Eden. Doc, you and I both know that that the church didn’t start at Pentecost. The church started in the Garden of Eden. God said that that there was going to be a seed. There was gonna be the crushing of the serpent. God had a people. He’s always had a people. Sometimes, that population is very small. Sometimes, it’s very large. But, there’s always a people who will not bow to bail. There’s always a people that will go through any amount of persecution, suffering, whatever they have to endure and they will do it joyfully singing unto the Lord, praising God and coming out victoriously. It’s always happened. Now, here in America we’ve never experienced persecution as Christians. But, we’re about to. Not about; It’s now happening, Doc. We’re in it now. We’re in it. There are people in power who hate and despise Jesus Christ. They hate his word. They hate his church. They hate his disciples. It’s not that they just disagree. They hate Jesus Christ with a passion. And they are demonic. They’re demon-possessed. What else explains this kind of behavior? What explains the governor of California begging pregnant women to come to his state and murder their babies in his state? What explains it other than he’s demon-possessed?

That’s what I was going to say; Other than demon possession. That’s the only thing that you could make an explanation for that.

What explains state legislators like in New York and Illinois passing infanticide bills that you can murder a born baby? See. Killing the unborn is not enough for them now. They want to slaughter the baby after it’s born.

They want to watch now.

Yes. They want that blood. They want to see the blood. And, in a few years from now, these people will be legislating the murder of a three-year-old.

Yes. It’s a religion to them. That’s what drives Governor Jerry. That’s what drives Bill DeBlasio in New York. It is a religion to them. This is their faith. They’re holding to it. Well, it’s murder. It’s death.

It’s blood sacrifice. It is a human blood sacrifice to Satan. So, these are the people who call us extremists. No. You’re the extremists. THEY are the extremists. We ought to be censoring them. We ought to be shutting them down. Why are we associating with them? Why are we using their platforms? If the Christians would come out of their platforms, they would suffer a tremendous financial hit. So, would the Christians come out? I’m about to de-platform myself because I don’t want to be part of them. I remember just before I walked out here, I thought about a meeting; It was in 2016; We were at our other office; before we had bought this building because we moved in here sometime around November-December 2016 and there was a consultant that we had retained to give us some advice; We were embarking on building our own platform and he said: “why do you want to spend all that money building platform? Just use YouTube and Facebook. They’ve already got it. It’s free. Use their bandwidth.” And I said no I don’t want to do it. I don’t want my audience; I don’t want to send my audience to YouTube and Facebook. And, I just remembered that meeting when I was walking out here to the set. That was just three years ago that I was against using Facebook and YouTube. My staff had to persuade me to put this program on YouTube and Facebook. I said I don’t want it. I don’t like these people. I don’t want to be part of it. So, I’m at the point I’m going to de-platform myself. I don’t want to be part of them.

Well, if these platforms had remained neutral as far as where they stood as far as content is concerned, that’d be a different story. But, they’re not remaining that way. They’ve biased it. They’ve gained the system.

Absolutely. But, where they put those people who own and control the corporations, what they push for the agenda that they’re pushing for, I don’t want to help them. I don’t want put money in their bank accounts. Because, every time you use Facebook and Google and YouTube and all the other, Twitter, you’re you’re making them wealthier and wealthier.

You’re building up the beast.

Yes. Why give them money? They need your eyeballs. They need your participation. They want your data. Go ahead and put your family, put everything about your family on Face… Go ahead! Give them what they want. They want everything that you can tell them about your personal life. Do you know about Gmail? I mean, everybody knows Gmail.

The reason why it’s free…

But yeah, you know why it’s free? And hotmail and all of them? Do you know they read your emails? They keep your emails. They scan your emails? They keep it — your emails. They keep it. All the documents that you send through Gmail, they keep it. They open your attachments and scan them and keep them. And then, they sell the data that they find in your attachments, in your emails.

It’s a federal crime to open up a physical piece of mail that doesn’t belong to you. You just go up to your neighbor’s mailbox. But wait a moment. It’s not your mail.

You clicked “I agree.”

That’s right; The Terms of Service.

You clicked “I agree.” Okay? So, I got into using Google Drive, G-Drive which is amazingly easy and great to use. I used it up until I read the “Terms of Use” and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Like, okay, I’m actually on the Google site. This is not somebody else’s site. I’m on google dot com. I’m reading the terms of use for Google Drive and it says that when you put a document on Google Drive, they own it.

The intellectual property, everything…

Yes. The intellectual property… They own it and they can publish it and they can alter it!

Oh, my goodness!

You give up all rights of ownership when you put a document on G-Drive!

Basically, working for free! It’s all about the digital slaves!

Get off the plantation. Just leave their plantation. You know, get up and leave. I mean, in the Civil War that Abraham Lincoln signed the proclamation Emancipation Proclamation a lot of the slaves stayed on the plantation. They didn’t leave. Folks, you don’t have to stay at Facebook and YouTube.

It’s a voluntary bondage right now.

Did you have freedom of speech before YouTube?

I did.

Then, why do we think that we need YouTube to have freedom of speech?

Well, we don’t.

We don’t. Stop using it. I keep trying to tell the people watching us on YouTube please stop it. Go to I don’t want you watching us on YouTube. I honestly don’t want you watching us on YouTube. I’m going to shut it down because I can’t stand the company. I can’t stand them. I don’t want to be part of their system. I don’t want to be on Facebook. Hey Christians, just walk away from it. See. A lot of you youtubers, you’re trapped in their plantation. You you talk about your freedom. You talk big about freedom. Yet, you’re a slave to YouTube because you can’t leave their universe. They shut down a channel; They shut down one of your favorite channels and you complain about it, you gripe about it but just stay on the plantation. You just look for another channel. Leave. Get up and leave the YouTube plantation.

I wish the audience knew that there are some things we can’t talk about while we’re on social media. Maybe, we would go into many different subjects if we weren’t beholden to. Our audience is wanting us.

It’s a good point. Look at in the three years that we’ve been on YouTube. How much they have affected us? That we’ve had to think if we show this video, will they shut down our channel? If we say this will they shut down our channel?

We take it to the limit. We really push it to the limit. There are things we haven’t touched.

Yes. Who cares? I’m gonna go back to where I was, I mean, we get between 20,000 and 40,000 people per night on YouTube. That’s only a small portion of our audience. But, we’re letting YouTube dominate our thinking because we are cautious how far can we go before they shut us down. Well, go ahead and set us down. I don’t give a rip. I really don’t.

We answer to our Father. Our God is way more powerful than YouTube.

I was doing this six years before YouTube was invented.

You were podcasting before the podcast.

It doesn’t matter. This stuff doesn’t matter. All right? You don’t need them. You’re making them rich. Shut down your Facebook account. Okay? shut it down. I’m going to shut all this stuff down. It’s that the stuff is evil. They’re using your data. They’re using your photographs. Zuckerberg has scanned every family photograph that you’ve posted on YouTube. They know your children’s features. Everything. They’re building a massive database of facial recognition photographs. That’s why I’m not there. They’re gonna have to search for my face. I’m not going to put it up there. We have but I don’t have a personal Facebook page. Ain’t no way. I don’t care how many likes I have. You get people that are so obsessed with narcissism. You know, I’m gonna get more likes, I get it more friendly. Look, I don’t care. I just don’t care. I’m at an age I don’t care. I existed without them. I’ll exist without them now. It doesn’t matter. But, a younger generation has grown up thinking that they have to have social media. No, you do not! They have enslaved you. If you really want your freedom, then walk away from social media. They’re controlling you with social media. They would panic if tens of millions of people cancelled. I mean, most of their accounts are fake anyhow.

At least three billion that we know from Facebook the other day.

That’s right. But, they got away with that. It comes out that “Fakebook” had three billion fake accounts and they got away with it.

We’ll talk about like this. Right? We have a reportedly an opioid crisis causing mass problems in society; Depression, death, suicides. Well, what is social media doing to our culture? Think of how unhappy the next generation and the current generation is from their addiction to their screens, their devices. It IS an epidemic. It IS causing a judgment to society.

And, as constant Internet use is rewiring human brain, especially children… Your brains are physically rewiring and… Look, at some point, you just got to get away from it. You got to break away. And, look, they would be terrified if tens of millions of people stopped using their accounts. They’d be terrified. Because, they need it for social control. They’re controlling society through social media. Now, look, it’s gonna be a short program. I’m just gonna get straight to it and I’m going to tell you who we’re up against. I’m not gonna sit here and talk about politics. Who is in politics trying to censor free speech. I’m gonna tell you exactly who it is. Okay? So, if you have a Bible, once you open it up, it starts with Revelation chapter 2. Because, Jesus is in the first chapters of the revelation the Apocalypse, the revelation of Jesus Christ. He talks to us, to seven churches. And, he has a specific message to these churches. The five of the churches he chastised… These are Christian churches… Five he chastised. Two he commended. So, ain’t it wise to find out what do the two churches that he commended have in common? So, I’m not gonna read about the five that he chastised. I just want to focus today on the two that Jesus Christ commended. And, let’s find out what they have in common. So, let’s put up on the screen Revelation chapter 2 verses 8 through 11. This is Jesus speaking: “And unto the Angel of the church in Smyrna write; These things saith the first and the last, which was dead and is alive; I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Fear none of these things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation 10 days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death.” On the second one, Jesus speaks to the church in Philadelphia. We’re not talking about Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Alright? So, this would be modern-day Turkey. This is chapter three of the revelation of Jesus Christ verses 7 through 13: “And to the Angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth and no man shutteth; And shutteth and no man openeth; I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name. Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; Behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. Because thou has kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown. Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is New Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the spirit saith unto the churches.” Now, these are the two churches that Jesus commended. In the natural realm, they appeared weak (to the world). But, Jesus said they were great. They were wonderful to him.

And, they both had a common enemy.

They had a common enemy. Both of these churches had a common enemy. Who or what was the common enemy?

Synagogue of Satan, which is defined in chapter 2 as they which say they are Jews and are not.

Thye’re fake Jews.

Yes. They call themselves Jews but they’re not.

They’re fake Jews. That’s what we’re up against; Fake Jews. I love real Jews; It’s the fake Jews I have a problem with. Now, that’s gonna mess them up. I DO love the real Jews. But, the fake Jews are causing trouble. The fake Jews are persecuting the true church and Jesus told us 2,000 years ago that in the last days fake Jews will persecute true Christians. I said it. I believe it. And, I will not retract it. It is what it is. Our enemy, right now, the enemy of the church are fake Jews called the synagogue of Satan. Who owns Google? Who controls Google? Who owns YouTube? Who controls YouTube? Who owns Facebook? Who controls Facebook? The synagogue of Satan. What are they gonna do to me? You’re gonna come and kill me? Someday, you’re gonna try it. And, what are you gonna do to me? I called you what you are!

You would just get promoted, then.

I just called you what you are. Zuckerberg, you’re of synagogue Satan! Did the roof fall in on me? No. My God will hold me up. My God will preserve me. My God will defend me. My God will take care of me. And, Doc, if he decides someday that he’s gonna allow them to take my life, then I’ll go out of this world singing the praises and the glory of Jesus Christ.

And, what an honor…

That would be an honor. I’m not asking for that. But, if that’s God’s will, then I’ll go out as a martyr. They’re not gonna frighten me. I’m not gonna back down. But, the enemies of the true church right now in this country are the Zionists, the Christian Zionists working together. Because, they’re really Zionists. They are not Christians. They are really just Zionists. All right? The h*m*s*xuals and the far-left commie leftist; That’s the alliance that’s against the church.

It’s the alliance of death.

Yes. That’s who is implemented and defends abortion, h*m*s*x*ality, p*rn*gr*phy, lewdness, and everything that exalts itself against the holy God. That’s who is standing for the sins of this nation. So, which side are you on people? You come over my side. We’re standing for righteousness and holiness. Then, the synagogue of Satan is coming for you. Well, let’s get it on. All right? Let’s just get this on. I’m not gonna hold back. These people have exposed themselves for who and what they are. They want to kill babies. They like killing babies. They’re beyond extremism. It’s reprobate. It’s demonic-possession. The scary thing is they number in the tens of millions in this country.

It’s some are in government. Some are definitely in the mid-level positions of bureaucracy in our country.

And, they are throughout the communication media world and the business world and the corporations.

They control the voice.

Yes. So, what they’re trying to do right now is to crush, not just silence, but to crush all voices that condemn their sin. I’m going to condemn your sin. And whatever you want to do to me, go for it. But, I’m not bowing. I’m not going to submit. I’m not going to shake or cower. Not gonna do it. I’m a man and I’m a Christian. And, I will not be afraid of the Synagogue of Satan. I’m not gonna fear anybody who worships Lucifer. How about you, Doc?

I’m in. You’re in?

I’m in all the way.

Are you?

Yeah, I’m Mark now. They were calling me the Antichrist the other day. So, I’m in all the way now.

How about you, Edward?

I stand with Jesus.

You’re standing with Jesus?

Well, there’s three of us here. We’re standing with Jesus. How about you? Are you gonna stand? You’re gonna stand with Jesus? Listen. Forget all this politics stuff. Donald Trump is not your Savior. Okay? He’s not going to save this country. We got behind him. We helped him get elected. We stood with him through two years of intent to coup. But, he’s not going to turn this country to righteousness. He’s not going to do it. We had a chance as a church, the body of Christ in this country, to cry out for repentance and forgiveness from God. The church didn’t do it. The reprieve is over. I’m not praying for a second reprieve. I’m not, Doc. I’m not praying and fasting for another reprieve. God heard my prayers in 2016. He heard my prayers. He heard your prayers. I’m not praying and fasting for another reprieve. How many times do we go and ask God for a reprieve and then, there’s no repentance?

So, I have been feeling today something that I’ve not felt for several years. You know, we used to report very heavily on this program about the collapse of the United States economy. Just for the record, for those of you who are new, I said on this program in 2004 that there would be a real estate market crash. I said in 2004. I believed it so much that I sold my house and my office building in 2005 to ride out the crash. So, when the real estate crash came, it didn’t hurt me at all. And, we rode it out and then, my wife and I bought a house at 50% of the mortgage that was on that house. We bought an office building for this ministry for 13 cents on the dollar. When the market went back up, we sold that building to pay for this studio complex. So, I know what I’m talking about on this matter. 2004 the Lord told me that it was a real estate crash coming. And, I told people in two thousand four and five and six to get out of real estate speculation. I said if you gotta sell something, you better get it sold. We started telling people around two thousand six and seven there was gonna be a bank liquidity crisis. In March 10 and 11… Let me see… Let me see if I find it. March 10… No. Yeah, March 10 and March 11 of 2008, the Lord gave me a message to speak he gave it to me on the night before. And, he told me to speak it for two days. And, I want to say… Yeah, Okay, So, if I recall 10 and 11 was Monday-Tuesday, I think. I think was a Monday and Tuesday and on Sunday night, the Lord spoke to me, Doc. 2008, March and said tomorrow tell your audience that a great depression has started and say it for two days and read the scripture. Because, what I said was I cried out to God. When he told me to say it, I said how do I say it that doesn’t crush the hopes of the people. What do I say? I’ll say it, Lord. But, how do I say? What do I say? I opened my Bible to Isaiah, three verses 10 and 11. Now, I just asked God what do I say. And, I looked down and it says: “say to the righteous that it shall be well with them. For, they shall eat the fruit of their deeds. Woe to the wicked. It shall be ill with them. For, the rewards of his hands shall be given him.” And so, Lord told me to read it for two days, Monday and Tuesday. If you go back and find the archives of March 10 and 11 of 2008, you will find that I read this… this scripture those two days. And then, the third day was Wednesday. I realized that Isaiah 3:10 and 11, chapter 3, the month of March is the third month. God had me read on the third month on the 10th and 11th day Isaiah 3:10 and 11. I didn’t realize that until the next… on Wednesday which for me just driving home that the Lord had given me that message. And so, 2008 the banking crisis came.

Right. And, in less than 30 days after that, you had total collapse. You had the Bear Stearns, you had Goldman… They were all under collapse.

Was that in April? That’s right; It was April. Yes, Bear Stearns collapsed and all that. So, look, we have not talked about the economy on this program in any great length since 2016. But, I felt today in my spirit Lord telling me the trouble that was coming that was averted because of the reprieve, it’s coming folks. And, it’s coming on Donald Trump’s watch. In his pride, he’s not going to be able to boast of the Trump economy. It’s gonna happen on his watch. It’s coming. And so, I’ve just felt an impression from the Holy Spirit today to start warning the church again. Get ready for a financial storm far greater than 2008. And, it’s coming soon. And, what is soon I don’t know. A year? Two years? I mean, God spoke to me in 2004. All right? The crash, the real estate crash didn’t happen to 2006-7.

It should have happened in 2006 but they propped everything up.

Right. So, the big crash was 2008 but the prices started falling in 06. You know, so whenever God speaks to you, it may be several years out. I mean, he told me in June of 1999, our first month on the radio he told me say that judgment starts on September 11. Doc, if you go back and find those archives, you will hear me saying I don’t know what this means but God says judgment starts on September 11th. Well, it didn’t happen until September 11, 2001. So, a lot of people who don’t know the ways of Lord, they’ll hear a man of God say something like this and if it doesn’t happen in the next five days, [they say] well he’s a false prophet, you know. Now, listen I’m just giving you heads up. I’m telling you what Lord’s… You know, I could keep this to myself and just make decisions for Rick’s benefit. I don’t have to share it with you. I get bashed by people every time I share it. I just get bashed. Why not just keep it to myself and make my own decisions for my own benefit? I’m telling you Lord’s given me a heads up. The economy is tanking in the near future under Donald Trump’s watch and his pride is going to take a major hit. Because, he’s not submitted to God. The country is not submitted to God. The country is in open rebellion and defiance of Almighty God. And, your God is your dollar and your idol is going to fall. Your idol, the US dollar, will fall and it won’t get up again. You want to worship that thing? It’s going to fall. You want to kill God’s babies? You want to celebrate your sin? Well, you won’t have any money to do it. It’s coming and I felt in my heart, my spirit today the Lord say “you tell them get ready. You tell the righteous to get ready.” You tell the wicked “woe, WOE to the wicked. It will be ill for you.”

And, how do you know if they’re righteous; If they heed the message?

That’s right. It’s right. It’s not my responsibility make anybody heed the message. You just have to discern it’s a true word from Lord. Is it a true word? You know the book of Acts. It says that prophet came and told the Apostles there is going to be a famine and the Apostles, the church leadership, believed and they took action. But, if you study… because it doesn’t say in the Bible… You have to go get historical records, the famine didn’t hit for ten years.

Yes. But, it did come.

It did come. But, you know what? God gave the church ten years to get ready for it.

And, they did. And, the Christians who said that’s a true warning from God, they went through that famine. They had supplies. But, those who laughed and mocked and scoffed at it, they were hungry.

Jesus warned about the destruction of Jerusalem.

He sure did. Not one Christian died in Jerusalem. But, one and a half million Jews died.

By the hands of other Jews…

Yes. It was the Jews who killed. It wasn’t the Romans. It was the Jews who killed the Jews who were trying to escape. That’s a fact. In fact, the Roman, the conqueror, the general who conquered Jerusalem was thoroughly disgusted. He couldn’t believe the atrocities that the Jews did against other Jews in Jerusalem. Because, they were the zealots. They were the early Zionists. So, they killed the Jews that said: “hey, we’re out of here. We want to get out. We just want to save our skin and get out of here.” And, the hardcore Zionists said: “we will murder you before you escape.” Anyhow, the point is God gives warning and I’m telling you right now what I’m hearing in my spirit is Lord telling me: “Rick, for your own benefit, get ready. The storm is coming.” Okay, it’s coming up. Should I just… Well, of course, it’s personal. I’m debating whether… Susan and I, we’re openly talking about selling our house right now. Well, I think the storm’s coming. Yeah. It’s what we did in 2005. We sold. We rode out. We rent it and we rode out the storm. Guys’ve been talking to me about this for actually several months quietly and I asked Lord… I said you need to speak to Susan. Cause, if I just go say hey let’s go sell the house… She likes our house. Okay? But, she said the other day: “let’s put the house on the market.” I knew that, Doc. I knew God speaking to her… God speaking to her. Cause, you know, to get mama to sell a house takes God! all right? And so, we were back to where we were thinking. Where we were at two thousand four and five. Lord saying the real estates is gonna take a major dive. And, you know, you just have to look at what a lot of the Wall Street experts are saying in recent weeks. They’re getting alarmed. They’re getting worried. That’s some of the big boys are saying it. Things don’t look right. And so, the big guys are getting concerned. So, our message today is, look, we’re gonna de-platform ourselves. I’m not gonna continue to send people to YouTube and Facebook. Look, the one thing that I’m so satisfied about is that so many people found Jesus Christ by seeing us and listening to us. And so, our presence on YouTube and Facebook brought people to the kingdom of God. But, what I’m trying to tell you right now is that the time of severe persecution of true Christians is here. God told me in 2007. He showed me in a vision which was Flowing Streams. I don’t have time today to tell you the whole vision. But in that vision a people were speaking to me in an underground church. We were in an underground Church and and they kept calling me “the pastor of the underground Church.” And, I’m telling we’re at that stage right now that I have to step into that role. I’ve resisted. I’ve waited on the timing. I knew, Doc. I’ve known when that time comes, things are gonna be serious when I have to step into that role. And that time is here. It’s 2019. The synagogue of Satan is not playing games. They are coming after the true church. These are people that murder babies. Do you comprehend us? These are people that murder babies. What do you think they would do to you and me? Anybody that would murder a baby is capable of murdering anybody.

They wouldn’t think twice.

Because, in fact, Jesus said they’ll kill you and think they did God a favor because their God is Satan. So, get ready for it, folks. It’s coming. It’s rising up really fast. Look, we appreciate the people who stand with us. A lot of you folks aren’t Christians. You just you come in here for news and information… You know, get a little get jacked up on conspiracy theory or something, you know. Listen, that’s not what it’s about. This is about life and death. This is about your eternal destiny. I’m telling you Jesus Christ is coming back. This world is coming to an end. Jesus Christ is coming back. But, before he comes back, there will be a time of persecution unlike anything that has happened on the earth since the beginning of time. Jesus said so. He said it would be so great that if God does not cut those days short, no flesh would survive. And, that word “flesh”… that doesn’t mean just humans. That includes animals; No FLESH. These people will go insane in destroying the planet because their hatred is God. And, he said if God doesn’t cut those days short, no flesh would survive. We’re approaching that time. We’re approaching the time that no man will work (work for the kingdom). The darkness is coming. Look, we need people who will stand with this ministry and financially underwrite what we’re doing. Most of the people watching, you don’t even get it. You have no idea what I’m trying to do. You don’t get it at all. You don’t have the slightest idea what I’m talking about. You don’t see the train coming down the track. You don’t realize that you’re sitting in a rocking chair tied to a railroad track and a train is coming. You don’t see it. You don’t get it. I can’t do anything about it. I’m just talking to the Christians. I’m not talking to everybody. It is talking to the Christians right now, the born-again, spirit-filled Christians who would die for Jesus Christ. I’m talking to you. Everybody else, turn it off. Go home. I just want to talk to the Christians. You’re willing to die for Jesus Christ. That’s who I’m talking to right now. I need you to stand with me. I need you to stand with me. I need you to help me. I need you to support this ministry. This is about the last days. What do you think the last days are going to look like? What do you think it is gonna look like? There’s gonna be preachers saying for God’s sake get behind us and help us. We’re trying to preach the gospel. Doc, you told me today about it… Oh, we’ll just name who it is; Bethel…

A sister Church of Bethel, a Bethesda sister Church of Bethel right up in Tacoma Washington…

And, what are they doing, Doc?

They’re calling God basically “mother God.”

They’re praying to “mother God.” This is an affiliate of Bethel Church praying to “mother God.”

Bethesda Church in Tacoma Washington…

This is how bizarre it’s become. We’re standing for truth. We’re standing for the kingdom of God. I need real true Christians to get behind me. The darkness is coming on this land. Some of you are sitting on assets that you could liquidate and donate to this church. You’ve got land. You’ve got buildings. You have investments. You’re sitting on assets that you could liquidate and donate to this work. What’s your excuse to God when you stand in front of him and you say I don’t know why I didn’t do it? When the economy collapses, what are you going to do with those assets? You don’t want to give up a portion now? What you’re gonna do when you lose all of it? You’re unwilling to give a little bit now for the kingdom of God. Someday, you’ll lose all of it. Because, if you give up some now for the kingdom of God, he’ll preserve you through the financial collapse. It’ll be that gift that you gave now for the winning of souls that will preserve you through the financial collapse. So, you have to decide yourself whether you trust God. And, whether souls mean something to you. It’s the only thing I work for; the only reason I come up here; to see souls win. You give to us… PayPal is [email protected] Our address is post office box 690069 Vero Beach, Florida. Our zip code is 32969. Do something while you have a chance. Do something while you can still give. Help us to win more souls. Help us to keep standing for the kingdom of God. Thank you for watching. Thank you for supporting us. We’ll see you tomorrow.

Listen to the Bible from 1 Peter 4: “If you are insulted because of the name of Christ, you’re blessed, for the spirit of glory and of God rests on you. If you suffer, it should not be as a murderer or a thief or any other kind of criminal, or even as a meddler. However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name. For it is time for judgment to begin with the family of God; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?”